Sarge Taylor

4/15/22 – Please welcome Sarge Taylor! Sarge Taylor was purchased from his most recent owners and turned over to us. We are told his most recent owner purchased him from someone else a few months prior. Apparently, he and the female dog in the home did not care for one another so Sarge spent a lot of time in his crate and was not properly socialized with the dogs in the house. He seems to be dog reactive in his foster home now too; we are working on that. We are hopeful that he will learn to enjoy time with other dogs but for now he seems to be very happy as a single dog.

4/18/22 – Sarge Taylor had surgery today and all went well. He was neutered, had his palate shortened and his nares widened. We are treating him for an ear infection.

5/6/22 – Sarge Taylor got his ears rechecked today and his ear infection is gone but he does have a yeast and bacteria skin infection on his neck. We are treating this with oral antibiotics and topical shampoo.

6/21 – We are still trying to clear up Sarge Taylor’s skin infection; trying a new oral medication and shampoo. 

9/30 – Sarge Taylor has been adopted.  Congrats Sarge Taylor and Mason family!

approximate age: 4
approximate weight: 53
likes dogs: we are not sure yet, he is dog reactive right now. Ideally he can be in a home with no other dogs so he doesn’t have to share attention with other dogs. 
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: we have not seen him around kids but are told he had been around kids ages 2 to 17
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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