9/21/15:  Please welcome Sanford! He is an emergency rescue that is in need of stone surgery.  We are not sure if he has stones in his bladder at the moments but we are pretty certain that he has them in his urethra.  He is struggling to urinate.  He will have surgery first thing tomorrow morning.

In June his owners took him to the vet for the same issue.  He was treated for a bladder infection and had surgery to remove stones from his bladder.  A month later he was treated for another bladder infection.  And again for another one the following month.  We are hoping after his surgery tomorrow and putting him on a prescription diet the stones will not return.

He is four years old.  We are told he likes dogs and children but that he has never met a cat. He is a smaller bulldog, only 44 pounds.

Update 9/22/15: We attempted to flush the stones out of Sanford’s urethra but they would not budge. We had to do a urethrostomy instead (basically he has a new hole for urination). He will eat prescription food for life to help prevent future stones from forming. He will also need urine tests every three months to make sure he stays UTI free.  He is resting at the clinic for a few days until he is stable enough to move into his foster home.

Update 10/6/15:  Sanford was released from the vet and moved into his foster home today.  He is still on restriction and has to take it easy while he continues to heal from surgery.  He had significant bruising from the attempt to remove the stones in his urethra.  He will see the vet next week for a follow up visit.  For now he will take it easy and try to get cozy with his foster sister.

Update 10/13/15:  Sanford had his follow up visit today and his surgery site is almost healed completely.  We will monitor him over the next few weeks to see if a UTI returns.

Update 3/14/16:  It’s official….Sanford’s foster mom has adopted him. Congrats Sanford, Bella and Chris!




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