Sadee and Bruce

1/3/15:  Please welcome Sadee and Bruce!  Bruce and Sadie are a result from a divorce. Wife in the divorce wanted to hurt her ex-husband so she requested to keep the them. But shortly after the divorce she wanted to go on vacation, and was never home so she evicted they did not like the big dogs and there were constant fights. Another family member decided that he would take them to his house but ended up not being able to properly care for them and was feeding them Ol’Roy (cheap dog food). The bulldogs were placed outside in his back yard to live. He ended up losing his job and was not being able to feed them this past week.  They were posted on an online yard sale page to try and get them into a better living arrangement and that is how we found out about them.  Candie picked them up and brought them to Melissa’s house.

Sadee turned eight years old on Monday and Bruce is three years old. Sadee is Bruce’s mother and they are bonded.  They have always been together and we intend to keep them together.  They are slowly getting introduced to the other dogs in their foster home and things are going ok so far.  They have shown no interest in the cat in their foster home.  They like kids.  Bruce does seem to be a bit territorial right now but we are working on this behavior.

Update 1/5/14:  Sadee and Bruce saw the vet today for an initial check up.  Sadee has am ear infection and a major skin infection with a lot of hair loss from a long time of neglect.  She is now taking antibiotics for this and will be getting medicated baths.  Once her skin looks better she will see the vet again for spay and possible entropian surgery.  He was able to cut her nails down some but they are going to be a work in progress!  Bruce has a double ear infection, a skin infection near his butt due to fleas and neglect.  He is now taking antibiotics and will be getting medicated baths.  He has a benign growth on his lower back that will be removed once his skin infection is cleared up.  He is already neutered.

Update 1/15/14: Sadee was spayed and they discovered a benign growth on her side and it was removed. Sadee also had entropian surgery on both corners of the inner eye. Sadee skin infection is totally healed and hair has grown back and ear infection is gone. Sadee is on the road of recovery and beginning to gain weight. Bruce had 2 growths on his lower back surgically removed and sent off to a laboratory to be tested. Bruce skin and ear infection has totally healed.

Update 1/23/14: Sadee had her staples removed and the vet stated she healed wonderfully from her spay operation. She also had the stitches removed from her entropian surgery and her eyes healed nicely. She was cleared healthy by the veterinarian to be adopted. Bruce had his 2 stitches removed and his skin infection is totally healed and his hair is growing back from the surgery. Lab results returned that Bruce growths were benign and were caused due to neglect to care for skin infection caused by fleas.


Update 2/1/15: Bruce and Sadee are socialized and great with other bulldogs males or females. They both have very laid back and calm temperaments. Bruce is not recommended to be placed in a home with LARGE dogs due to issues in his past home with larger dogs. Bruce and Sadee have no interest in the cat and would be perfectly fine being placed in a home with a cat. Bruce is no longer territorial of his space. We do recommend that Bruce & Sadee are placed in a home with children age 10 and older due to the level of excitement and energy Bruce has when he plays with his toys. Both are house broken and crate trained. **They LOVE to RIDE in the car and golf cart.**





P & L Kasparek



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