Ruby – December 7th, 2018

6/30/17:  Please welcome Ruby!  Her owner became sick and she moved in with a family member but they can come keep her.  We are not certain the last time she has seen a vet before today.  We know she has an ear infection, a skin infection, a UTI, hookworms and untreated dry eye.  She will need to be spayed and have cherry eye surgery.  She will also need to see the orthopedic specialist for a consult.  She had bad knees and bad hips and will most likely need surgery for that also; she has trouble walking.  It appears that she recently had a litter of puppies.

She is four years old.  She likes and kids.  She likes to chase cats!  She is very sweet!

We are treating all of her infections and once they clear up she will be able to have surgery.  We started treating her dry eye with prescription eye drops.  She is now on joint supplements and carprofin for arthritis treatment.

Update 7/26/17:  Ruby had surgery today and all went well!  She was spayed and had cherry eye surgery.

Update 8/23/17: Ruby had a consult with the orthopedic specialist and the neurologist today.  She has trouble walking sometime and when she sits she slides down into a split.  She has no orthopedic issues and will not need surgery. She does have neurological weakness in her back legs. They think the two most likely causes are a “swimmer pup” syndrome that did not completely resolve itself or obturator nerve damage from dystocia (difficulty passing a puppy). She will work with the local rehab facility and try “Pawz” foot covered and/or hobbles to keep her legs together.

Update 12/4/17: Ruby has been adopted by her foster family. Congrats Ruby and Schick family!


December 7, 2018:  Ruby crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Ruby



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