Ross – October 7th, 2020

5/24/14: Please welcome Ross!  Ross was abandoned by his owner at a large vet animal hospital two years ago.   Well technically for the first year the owner sent payment for his boarding but the hospital has not hear from him in the past year.  The hospital filed papers with the county to cover themselves then they turned over the dog to David.

David has been delivering products to the hospital once a week the entire time Ross was there.  And at every delivery his visited with Ross.  David knew he could not keep Ross but he wanted to get him out the hospital and to safety so he called GEBR.

We picked him up and brought him to Dr. Rush’s for an exam, vaccinations and neuter.  Overall he looks to be a healthy boy.  He is a small male bulldog only weighing 38 pounds but he is not underweight.  We believe he is around four year old.  We are told he is fine with other dogs but we do not know if he likes cats or children.

Update 6/2/14:  Ross moved into his foster home on Saturday.  He met his foster sister Chloe and it was like they had been best friends for years.  They immediately started playing until they were so tired they passed out for the night.  We are treating him for hookworms and IDC’s.

He will need his neuter stitches out in two weeks then he will be available for adoption.

Update 8/2/14:  Ross the Boss told his foster parents he is not going anywhere!  They made it official and adopted him.  Congrats Ross and Hutson family!

October 7, 2020:  Ross crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Ross


T Helms & J Iannini

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