1/23/15:  Please welcome Riggins!  Riggins was found near a church in late December by the Whitmire family.  They brought him home that day and then took him to the vet the next day.  He was covered in mange and they knew he needed help.  They began treatment and a few weeks later contacted us to take him in.  They were happy to help him but had no intentions of keeping him.

He had a check up by our vet and got his vaccinations.  We will continue to treat the mange until it is gone.

He is approximately seven months old.  He likes dogs and kids.  We do not know if he likes cats.

Once his skin is cleared up he will be neutered and then adopted by his foster family.

Update 5/16/15:  Riggins was cleared for adoption and his foster family made it official.  Riggins is now know at Hershel.  Congrats Rowell family!




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