1/28/17:  Please welcome Rex!  Rex was turned over to Atlanta Humane Society today by his owners.  He had not urinated or had a bowel movement in three days and his parents were no longer interesting in taking care of him.  He immediately went into surgery thinking he had an obstruction but we quickly learned he had bladder stones and a stone in his urethra.  He was woken up and moved to the emergency clinic to see a specialist.  He will stay in the ICU tonight and we will move forward with surgery in the morning.  The game plan is to flush the stone in his urethra back into his bladder so the surgeon can remove it from there with the others.  He will also be neutered during this surgery.  He will need double cherry eye and palate surgery but this will happen at a later time.

He is three years old.  We are told he likes dogs and children but we do not know about how he feels about cats.

Update 1/29/17:  Rex had his surgery this morning and is doing well. They were not able to flush the stone out of his urethra but they were able to do a urethrostomy, remove the remaining stones and sludge from his bladder and neuter him.  He will spend the next few days at GVS. The bladder stones will be send off for testing and we should have the results in 2-3 weeks. The bladder sludge is being looked at to see what all it is made of.  We will be starting him on a prescription food later today when he is ready to eat.

Update 1/30/17:  Rex was able to leave GVS today and he moved into Dr Rush’s clinic for observation and strict crate rest.  There is still a significant amount of blood in his urine.  He will move into his foster home in 10-14 days when his stitches are able to be removed.

Update 2/3/17:  Rex has been vaccinated and diagnosed with dry eye.  There is still a lot of blood in is urine, but hopefully this will discontinue soon and he can have his stitches removed early next week.  

His vet bills for his care are around $10,000!  Please consider making a donation to his care to help us with his medical bills.    

Update 12/25/17:  Rex has been adopted by his foster family.  Congrats Rex, Zeus, Rae, Bryan and Amanda!  



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