2/7/15: Please welcome Reese!  She was born 11/15/14. Reese was sold by a breeder at 8 weeks old and went to live with her new forever family. At the time when Reese was sold she was walking,  running,  and a normal healthy puppy. Approximately 1-week after being in the new families home one morning Reese no longer had the use of her back legs, and poor responsiveness.  Her family provided her emergency vet care. X-ray showed inflammation and abnormalities.  Vet placed Reese on antibotics. 4 days later Reese new owners contacted the breeder.  The breeder and family continued to seek veterinarian help,  Reese was not showing improvement after completing antibotics she was seen by the vet again.  The vet put her on more antibotics and steriods. By this time Reese is going on 2 weeks of no use of back legs, laying on chest is beginning to cause chest to flatten and effecting front legs. Family seeked a veterinarian specialist opinion. The specialist recommended therapy. 5 days later GEBR was contacted to help provide the physical and medical needs of Reese and she was surrendered to GEBR by the family at the breeders recommendation.

At this time we treating her as a swimmer puppy until seen by veterinarian on Monday.  Her chest is flat, poor muscle strength in rear legs, front legs splayed and knuckling. Reese is receiving every 2 hours around the clock therapy,  plus harness and legs hobbled.

Update 2/9/15: Reese was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital today.  The vet stated she was possibly injured, sore, & in shock.  Due to failure of providing proper physical therapy and preventing her of just laying in one spot caused her to decline and reverse into puppy swimmer syndrome.  Reese had braces and soft cast placed on both front legs today.  Instructed to continue physical therapy,  reduce weight, and limit food.  Vet expects her to make a full recovery with GEBR providing the weekly vet visits,  around the clock therapy she requires at this time.

Update 2/23/15: Reese was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital again today. Dr. Brown the vet stated her legs were looking straighter but she still needed to wear the braces and soft cast a few more weeks to help straighten the bone and strengthen her feet. So he set the braces a little higher and tighter. Will recheck in 2-weeks.

Update 3/16/15: Couple days after Reese last vet check she decided she wasn’t going to wear her braces anymore and kept removing them. The vet allowed her to keep them off. Now Reese legs are 100% straight. She is able to walk, run, jump, hop, and climb. Reese is a little terror on 4 legs now. Very demanding diva with a lot of personality.

Update 324/15:  Reese had been adopted!  Congrats Reese, Dude, Kelly, Dan, Molly and Josie!






L Thomas

C Cowart

R Moore

R Powell


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