8/7/15: Please welcome Reba! She was a stray that found herself in safe hands with someone that called us for help. She has a cherry eye, eye infection, double ear infection and skin infection.

We believe she is around two years old. He likes other dogs. She has not met any cats that we know of. She spent a little time with older children and seemed to enjoy them.

Update 8/10/15: Reba had her surgery today to fix her cherry eye and all went well. She was also diagnosed with dry eye. She will move into her foster home later this week.

Update 8/17/15: Reba has been in her foster home with two other dogs, male and female, for a few days now and she is getting along well with them. She really likes to hump her male foster brother and even her foster parents so we are working on this behavior. She and her foster sister are doing ok but Reba comes on a little too strong for Duchess so she let’s her know it is time to back off! Reba has been nonresponsive to her.

Reba is a “velcro dog” and wants to be with her people! She can be a bit demanding of attention – will bark at you until you pay attention to her. She is particularly fond of joining you in the ladies room! And always wants to get in the tub!

She’s still got a lot of puppy in her. She is learning that jumping on new people when she meets them is not OK! She can get a little “mouthy” when playing; not biting or being aggressive or trying to hurt anyone. She is also working on some basic commands. She is not too hyper and not too lazy. She is house trained. She knows how to play fetch and will even play by herself in the backyard with a toy, throwing it around and chasing after it back and forth. She does not seem to be phased by vacuums or thunder storms.

Update 10/31/15: Reba packed her bags and moved to NC with her new family! Congrats Reba, Gracie, Amy and Richard!

approximate age: 2

approximate weight: 55

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: we have only seen her around older ones

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye



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