Punkin – November 24th, 2021

4/26/15:  Please welcome Punkin!  Punkin was taken in by a nice person who knew she was not being treated so well in her home.  This person knew she could not keep her but she wanted to get her the help she needed.  She contacted her local shelter and then contacted us.  Two days later she made her way from AL to GA thanks to our transport helpers Alicia, Jeffrey and Jennifer.  She will see Dr Rush tomorrow for exam and spay surgery.

She is around two years old and likes dogs but we do not know if she likes cats or children.

Update 4/27/15:  Punkin is now up to date on her vaccinations.  She was spayed and has lower lid entropian surgery.  She will take is easy for the next two weeks then have her stitches removed.  She will be ready for adoption at that time.

Update 5/12/15:  Punkin packed her bags and moved to SC with her new dad Joe.  Congrats Punkin and Joe!

November 24, 2021 – Punkin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Punkin

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