Princess Opal

6/9/17:  Please welcome Princess Opal!  Her owners are no longer able to provide the care she needs so she is now a part of GEBR.  She has a mild skin infection, untreated dry eye and she needs to be spayed.  She was a breeder dog that had three litters of puppies throughout her life.

She is five years old. She does not like other dogs.  She likes children.  We do not know how she feels about cats.    She is very sweet and loves her people!

Update 6/12/17:  Opal was spayed today and all went well.    

Update 7/10/17:  Opal had some bloody discharge a few days after her spay surgery.  We did blood work and a culture and everything came back ok. 

Update 8/7/17: Princess Opal packed her bags and moved to TN. Congrats Princess Opal and Danny!


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