3/13/17:  Please welcome Piper!  She joins us from the Humane Society of Statesboro Georgia where her family surrendered her because they were not able to give her the medical care she needs.  She has a severe skin infection, double ear infection, eye infection and a UTI.  Once her skin infection clears up she will need to be spayed and have her eyes checked to see if she needs entropian surgery.  She is underweight so we will also work on fattening her up over the next few weeks.  We are told she is deaf but it may only be current loss of hearing from her inner ear infection.

She is one year old.  She likes dogs and young children.  We do not know how she feels about cats.    

Update 4/4/17:  Piper had surgery today and all went well.  She was spayed and had entropian surgery.  She has gained some weight and her skin is looking so much better!

Update 5/17/17: Piper has been adopted by her foster parents! Congrats Piper, Roger and Cristi!   



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