7/8/20: Please welcome Pinot! Pinot was picked up as a stray and turned over to rescue immediately because of a vaginal prolapse. She is stable and we will move forward with spay surgery tomorrow.

7/9/20: Pinot had surgery today and all went well. The prolapsed tissue was still healthy, so the vet was able to suture the prolapsed tissue back into the vagina while it subsides. She was also spayed which should prevent this from happening again. It looks as if she has a c-section a few months ago but still had staples in her abdomen. She will be on strict crate rest at the clinic for a few days but at this time we expect her to make a full recovery.

7/10/20: Pinot is doing well…recovery is going great so far!

7/14/20: Pinot had been recovering nicely from surgery on Thursday until this morning. Now unfortunately she has a prolapsed colon. She will be going under for another surgery today.

7/15/20: Pinot second surgery went well yesterday. They were able to get the prolapsed colon back inside her. We have discovered that she has an abnormal colon which could be causing all of these issues. We are consulting with a specialist to see what else we can do for her. She will be on strict rest, canned food and stool softener for the time being. We are also treating her for giardia.

7/27/20: Pinot had all of her stitches removed today. We will be watching her closely over the next few days. We will continue with the canned food and stool softener for the time being. We are hoping all of this is behind her and that we can eventually get her on dry kibble and off the stool softeners.

8/3/20:  Pinot made is a few days without any issues but unfortunately her colon prolapsed again on Saturday.  We had to move forward with a colopexy.  The surgeon was able to tack her colon down into her abdomen.  Her small intestine looked irregular so we decided to move forward with a biopsy.  She will remain on the canned food at least until we have the biopsy results.  She has more stitches and will be taking it easy for the next two weeks.

8/22/20:  Pinot is still struggling to defecate.  We have consulted with an internal medicine specialist and will be using baytril over the next 6-8 weeks to see if this helps any.

10/1/22:  Pinot had a colonoscopy today.  The bowel wall was thicked so we sent a sample off for biopsy.  About 10-15 centimeters into the colon there was a stricture.  The colon was about half the size it should be, which is likely the reason or part of the reason she has been straining when passing a bowel movement.  The stricture was likely caused when he colon prolapsed two months back.  The surgeon was able to open the stricture some with a balloon procedure.  It is still not normal size but we need to be careful not to stretch it too much and cause a tear.  We are hopeful it is open just enough to alleviate the straining.  She will stay on canned food for the next few weeks while we monitor the situation.

10/21/22:  Pinot continues to have “poop issues”.  One day she has a normal poop the next day it is strained and or diarrhea.  We are continuing to monitor this and consulting with the internal medicine specialist.  We are considering doing another balloon procedure to further open the stricture.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

1/1/21:  Pinot seems to be having normal bowel movements and we have begun the process of switching her from prescription food to regular.  If things continue to go smoothly she should be cleared for adoption in the next few weeks.

Pinot in not available for adoption at time but we appreciate your support in our journey to help her live her best life.

2/9/21: Pinot has been adopted by her foster mom. Congrats Pinot and Stephanie

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 18
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: she spent a few days with a four year old and seemed to like her
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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