Petunia – November 12th, 2017


Petunia is a 3-4 year old stray from Madison County Animal Control. All we know is that Petunia was a stray found in a Trailer Park in the area. She was being fed by the neighborhood. After wandering into someone’s home, and seeing how thin she was getting, they called AC. Petunia is a sweet girl, starving for attention AND food. She was found with a collar and a 2009 rabies tag but no microchip. There are indications that she was well cared for in the past. She has a scar on one hind leg from knee surgery that may have been related to some type of trauma since there is scarring near the ankle. She also has no indication of C-Section, nor does her woohaa look like she free whelped any pups. She also appears well breed, with a beautiful bulldog face and build. Possibly stolen from her loving home, then dumped when the scum who stole her couldn’t care for her any longer? What is concerning is that her toes look splayed from living in a crate for a long period and callouses on her knees from living on cement. Think baby girl would have quite a story to tell if she could talk. Petunia is very dirty, very itchy and very thin right now. At the vet, she was excited to see other dogs with no indication of aggression. With humans, she cowers with fast movement and drops to the floor regularly for belly rubs. Even in her stressed state, I was able to touch every single part of her body without fear. Petunia will be spending sometime at the vet getting a complete evaluation, shots and spay after she has gained a little weight. Welcome BACK to the good life, Petunia!

Update 10/31/2011: Petunia has been adopted by Amy.


November 12, 2017:  Petunia lost her battle with cancer this week.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Petunia




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