Meet PeeWee! He’s a very sweet gentleman who, although cosmetically looks pretty good, there are tail tail (snicker) signs that he hasn’t lead a very good life. I think PeeWee is used to being ignored! The toes on his front feet are splayed and he’s not neutered….all indications that he was a stud in a breeding operation. Also, PeeWee was crated and not cared for on a regular basis because he has urine scald on his scrotum. He was left in a crate to sit in his own excrement, probably for days at a time.

PeeWee was found as a stray, so he either broke out of puppy mill jail or was dumped because his sperm counts were too low to be useful any longer. Why spend the money to feed a dog who isn’t useful to your bottom line any longer?
He walks stiffly and may require an Orthopedic evaluation. Due to his time in the slammer, he has the usual shelter acquired respiratory infection and will need to be quarantined for 2 weeks while he undergoes treatment. He also has eye issues (dry eye, infection or both) and a small mass on the lower left lid. His front teeth are also ground down from chewing on his cage out of boredom, just like most puppy mill dogs.
He is up to date on shots now and getting the antibiotics he needs to fight his respiratory infection. We will most likely have to wait until the skin on his scrotum clears a bit before we can attempt neuter but that shouldn’t take too long since now, his run will be cleaned regularly!!!
We were initially told he was 10(by the shelter) but appears to be 5-6, possibly younger. He is definitely not 10, not a gray hair on his face and he has too much energy. He also lacks the temporal atrophy that senior bulldogs tend to get as they age.

Update 10/11/11: PeeWee had double eye surgery today and was neutered.


Update 11/21/11: PeeWee went to his foster home. He is still recovering from surgery but he is doing well. He gets to hang out with Bridgette, a GEBR alum.


Update 1/5/11: Peewee got a little cranky in his last foster home and was having difficulty navigating the stairs.  Dr. Ross examined him and diagnosed arthritis in his elbows, he also has some chronic eye issues from poor care in the past.  He is now on Previcox and will require eye drops.  He has been moved to a more low key foster home.

Update: 2/20/2012: Peewee’s eyes have been getting much more cloudy lately and he seems to be having increasing difficulty seeing. Off to the opthalmologist we go!!  He has dry eye in both eyes and will be getting tacrolimus drops in each eye twice a day.

Update 3/19/12: Pee Wee has been to the opthalmologist twice now and each time his eyes are looking a little bit better! He will continue with daily doses of tacrolimus for the rest of his life. He is taking nu joint to help manage his arthritis. He loves to play!

Update 3/25/12: Once Pee Wee sees the opthalmologist for his final follow up visit, he will be adopted by his foster family.

Update 4/11/12:  Pee Wee has been adopted by his foster family!  Congrats Pee Wee and Dudek family!


R Powell

K Nall