2/21/15:  Please welcome Pearl!  Aubee, now Pearl found herself in a Metro Atlanta animal control at the beginning of February. We attempted to rescue her at that time but our calls fell on deaf ears. Instead she was adopted to someone “who always wanted a bulldog” but didn’t do their research and weren’t prepared. To add insult to injury, she was adopted on 2/7 without shots and unspayed. Unbelievable that a metro shelter still continues this practice.
Jessica was also at the shelter when Pearl was adopted.  She gave the adopter her phone number incase she had an concerns or questions.  A few days later Jessica got a call from the adopter saying she was going to take her back to the shelter becasue she could not afford to take her to the vet for her exam, vaccinations, spay or dry eye treatment.  Jessica got Pearl from the adopter and took to her home with her.  But first she took her to the vet for her exam, vaccinations and dry eye treament.  She also scheduled her spay syrgergy for a few days later.
After 24 hours Jessica realized that her home might not be the best fit for Pearl.  She was dominant and not getting along with her female boxer at all!  Last night Jessica called us and we arranged to meet up today.  At the time of surrender Jessica even offered to cover the cost of Pearls upcoming surgery.  Thanks to Jessica for being Pearls rescue angel.
Update 2/23/15:  Pearl had surgery today. She was spayed, had a hernia repaired, had her palate shortened, had her nostrils widened, had a few decaying teeth pulled and had the rest of her teeth cleaned.  She is resting at the vet and will move into her foster home after recovery.
Update 3/9/15:  Pearl popped a stitch and had to stay at the vet a little longer than expected.  All is better now and she has moved into her foster home.  She does not care for other dogs.  We have not seen her around cats.  She is livign with two human foster siblings, ages five and 12 and seems to like enjoy the five year old girl but she is a fan of the 12 year old boy.

approximate age: 5

approximate weight: 45

likes dogs: no

likes cats: n/a

likes children: some

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: eye drops for dry eye, joint supplements.

Update 5/22/15:  Pearl packed her bags and moved to SC with her new dad today!  Congrats Pearl and Marty!




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