Patsy – August 24th, 2018

4/29/15:  Please welcome Patsy!  Pasty came to us from a shelter in Gainesville, GA.  Patsy found herself at this shelter a few times over the years.  Her owner kept her in the back yard and every time Patsy tried to get away from her terrible life she was picked up by animal control.  Luckily for her this time her owner signed her over to animal control and now she is safe with us.  Thank you for giving her a freedom ride today Stormy! Patsy was spayed two years ago by the shelter on her last visit there.  She was also heartworm positive back then and is heartworm positive now too.  She also has whipworms and hookworms.  She has a lot of green discharge coming from her eyes, she has a skin infection, a bladder infection and an upper respiratory infection.  We will start treating all of her infections today.  Once they clear up she will begin her heartworm treatment. She is six years old.  We are not sure at this time is she likes dogs, cats or children.

Update 6/4/15:  Patsy finished her heartworm treatment yesterday and will be moving in her foster home this weekend.

Update 7/10/15:  Patsy is getting used to the good life in her foster home!  She loves human affection, toys, and soft places to sleep. She does not like thunderstorms!   She can not jump up on furniture but can climb up and down stairs. She is not really a fan of her foster brother or other dogs.  She is not aggressive but she doesn’t really want them around her. We think she would do ok with a mellow dog that left alone.  She does not like the cat in her foster home.  She has met some kids and she adores them!

Update 8/20/15:  Patsy had cherry eye surgery today.  All went well but she will be wearing a cone for a few weeks while she recovers!

Update 8/25/16:  Patsy is doing great but still waiting for her perfect family to adopt her.

Update 1/15/17:  Patsy is still doing great in her foster home but she would love a family to have a family to call her own!

Update 12/23/17:  Patsy has been adopted.  Congrats Patsy and Fulle family!


approximate age: 9

approximate weight: 50

likes dogs: yes and no, she should be fine after an short adjustment period

likes cats: no

likes children: yes

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: tacrolimus prescription eye drops for dry eye




August 24, 2018: Patsy crossed over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly today. Please keep her family on your thoughts. 




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