Patron Anejo

12/1/22 – Please welcome Patron Anejo! Patron Anjeo’s owner was no longer able to care for him, so they turned him over to the local animal shelter who turned him over to us. He is already neutered and had airway surgery. He does currently have an ear infection and has been diagnosed with dry eye.

1/21/23 – Patron Anejo has been adopted! 

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 62
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not see him around cats but we are told he didn’t mind the ones he saw at the shelter. He does not seem to mind the chickens, goats and pigs that are on the property at his foster home
likes kids: yes, he is currently in a foster home with three (ages 2, 10 and 11)
food: Taste of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye
likes: He loves to sleep under your feet, snores loudly and is content being by your side all day long.
dislikes: He does not love being left behind; when leaving the house, he will scratch at the door and bark. He is not a fan of lawnmowers, remote control cars or power wheels; he barks and chases them.
ideal home: He is the perfect candidate for a family with children or an empty nester. He’s happy to lay at your feet and keep them warm but also will fetch a ball and play with the older kids. He is loyal and loving and wants nothing more than to be by your side, overall great dog no matter the household! He does growl when startled and when meeting new people, he does need a slow introduction.

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