Nugget – May 28th, 2020

2/4/14: Please welcome Nugget!  He just joined us this morning from a shelter in Newnan, GA.  Thank you Dawn for heading down there and getting him to safety.

At first glace we know that he is already neutered, has a skin infection and may need knee surgery.  We will know more once Dr Ross gives him a full exam.  After his two weeks in shelter quarantine he will move into his foster home.

The shelter believes he is two years old.  He is sweet with adults but we have not seen him around dogs, cats or children.

Update 2/5/14: Nugget is heartworm negative!  He does have a UTI, a skin infection, double ear  infections and dry eye.  He will have a consult with Dr Cross once he is released from the vet.

Update 2/21/14: Nugget finished his two weeks of shelter quarantine and moved into his foster home.  His UTI and skin infection have cleared up and we are just about done with his ear infection medication.  His eyes are looking good now that he has been getting drops twice a day for his dry eye.  He does need to gain a few pounds still.  He is now living with two other dogs, one small and one tall with a tail!  The introduction went well but of course we are taking things slow.  He has a consult next week with Dr Cross to determine if he has any orthopedic issues that need to be addressed.

Update 2/26/14: Nugget had his consult with Dr Cross today and he does not need knee surgery.  We are not sure how he really feels about other dogs either.  He seems fine outside and playing but seems to be a little possessive of his human and gets aggressive.  This maybe be something that can be worked on in the right home.  He did spend some time with a two year old child in the car this afternoon and he sure did like him.  He gave kisses and did not ever try to steel the goldfish from his tiny little hands.

Update 3/14/14: Nugget is gaining weight & filling out a bit. He’s 100% house broken & he is still are accident free. He’s getting better with his manners & rarely humps anymore. Overall he just likes to lay out in the sun in the backyard or in a chair inside but he does get playful & loves tug-a-war & fetch. He also LOVES car-rides. Every morning he get to go for a ride to drop his skin sister off at pre-k & he just curls up & sleeps. He is doing great with the kids (5 year old and 5 month old) & tolerates all their chaos perfectly! I hope things are going well for you. I’ll talk to you soon. We think Nugget would do best in a home in a with no other dogs. Nugget is ready for adoption.

Update 5/4/14: Nearly 2 years ago, while working in the yard accompanied by her bulldog, Buster. Joanne turned her back for a second and Buster disappeared. Despite looking everywhere, posting pictures all over the neighborhood and contacting vets and shelters in the area, not a trace of Buster. The family assumed he had been stolen. Heartbroken, they never gave up looking for him.

One day, after sharing Buster stories, Joanne searched the Internet for English Bulldog Rescues in GA. To her surprise, there was a Georgia Bulldog Rescue! She went to our site, low and behold…..there was Buster! It took several weeks to confirm that Nugget was actually Buster. Buster had a microchip but the rescue who adopted him to Joanne never registered it with their rescue and never shared microchip information with the adopter. We only had photos to compare. Their photos were of a chubby happy bulldog, our photos were of a skinny, depressed bulldog. But there were striking similarities in coloring. And since Nugget had flourished in his foster home, he was once again a chubby, happy boy. Still unsure that Nugget was actually Buster…..all parties came together this morning. All doubts were washed away by Nugget’s excitement and mommy’s tears. Three hearts were healed today! Nugget/Buster is back where he belongs, a family who loves him and NEVER stopped searching.

Update 5/13/14: Nuggets mother suffered from a  stoke shortly after she was reunited with him so he is back in the care of GEBR and is looking for a forever home with no other animals.

Update 6/7/14:  Nugget packed his bags and moved to AL with is new family!  Congrats Nugget and Jarmon family!

May 28, 2020: Gus, formally known as Nugget, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Rest In Peace Gus.


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