Noodle – September 4th, 2020

8/5/15: Please welcome Noodle! Noodle was surrendered to the Richmond County Animal Shelter in Augusta, GA. The previous owners were placed in a nursing home, and the owners children surrendered him to the shelter with no name, records, or knowing his age.

The shelter transported Noodle to Martinez Animal Hospital so that he could begin receiving immediate medical care. The veterinarian stated that Noodle is infested with fleas, and has a skin infection. They gave him capstar to kill the fleas, started him on antibiotic for his skin, and medicated bath. Noodle will also have entropion eye surgery to both his eyes during his neuter surgery on tomorrow. Noodle will have a dry eye test before the surgery. Noodle tested positive for heart worms and will start treatment immediately. He also received all his vaccinations today.

Noodle will be quarantined at Martinez Animal Hospital for the next 14 days receiving all of his much needed medical care before moving into his foster home.

The animal shelter staff stated he was dog friendly.  We do not know at this time if he likes cats or children.

Update 8/6/15: Noodle had his surgery today and all went well. He is all smiles now that he is getting the care and attention he deserves!

Update 8/6/15: Noodle had his surgery today and all went well. He is all smiles now that he is getting the care and attention he deserves! Once he recovered he will move into Riverside Animal Hospital for his heartworm treatment.

Update 9/12/15: Noodle finished his heartworm treatment and he is ready for adoption.  He still has a lot of puppy behavior in him!  He is a vocal dog; barks when he is hungry, has to potty or wants loving.  We have seen no aggression towards any children, teenagers, little dogs, medium size dogs or large dogs.

Update 1/22/16:  Noodle picked out his new parents today!  Congrats Noddle, Brian and Casey!

September 4, 2020: Noodle crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Noodle

 approximate age: 3

 approximate weight: 54

 likes dogs: yes

 likes cats: N/A

 likes children: yes

 food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

 life long medications: none

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