9/7/23 – Please welcome Murray! Murray was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. He will have surgery once his respiratory infection clears up. We are also treating him for a skin infection.

9/21/23 – Murray had surgery today and all went well! He was neutered, had his palate shortened, his tonsils removed, his nares widened, both cerry eyes tacked don and his teeth cleaned.

10/10/23 – Murray skin infection has cleared up but he does have an ulcer on his left eye that we are treating.

10/17/23 – Murray’s eye ulcer has cleared up!

1/19/24 – Murray has been adopted.  Congrats Murray and Richardson family!

approximate age: 2
approximate weight: 47
likes dogs: he enjoys the two female dogs in his foster home
likes cats: we have not seen him around cats
likes kids: he enjoys the 10 year old boy in his foster home
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: playing and sunbathing
dislikes: going potty outside in the rain
ideal home: he would do well in most homes, but would prefer a fenced yard so he can run around and play with his people and other dogs

Bully Bag Sponsors: Carol Robertelli, Susan Chandler

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