Murphy James

5/12/23 – Please welcome Murphy James! Murphy’s owner has become ill and can no longer care for him so she asked us to find him a new home. We are treating an ear infection and got him up to date on all of his vaccinations today. He is already neutered so hopefully he will not need any surgery. He is overweight and will need to lose a few pounds. He will see the vet again in a few weeks for a recheck on his eat infection.

6/2/23 – Murphy James had his check up today and unfortunately his ear infection has not cleared up at all. We are trying a different medication and doing a culture to see what out best options are to clear this up.

9/23/23 – Murphy James has been adopted. Congrats Murphy James and Kelly family!

approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 69 – he is overweight and on a diet
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we are told he does not like them but we have not seen him around any
likes kids: we are told he does like kids of all ages but we have not seem him around any yet
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: we are still getting to know him
dislikes: we are still getting to know him
ideal home: we are still getting to know him

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