We have little information on Munson, except that he is 2 years old and seems to be well adjusted.  He was turned into the Humane Society in Savannah by a family who found him as a stray, cared for him for 3 weeks while trying to find his owners.  Sadly, his owner never came forward.  They report that he is potty trained, and good with children and other dogs.  He doesn’t need a crate and had free roam of their home while he was a guest.  Munson will be making the trip from Savannah sometime this week for further evaluation.  More pictures and update to follow.


WOW!!!!! A tremendous boy with a tremendous personality.  He’s easy going and everyone’s friend.  He even attended our meet up last week and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  His skin has made vast improvement and his ears are much much better…instead of freaking out when you approached him with medicine for his ears, he now waits patiently until your done administering the drops.  His ears hurt him terribly.  He is now with his foster family…he got to enjoy having Mom and Dad to himself over the last 2 weeks but soon their children return from vacation with their grandparents.  YIIIPPPEEEE!!! Munson loves to be around children.

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