10/20/17: Please welcome Munson! His owners dropped him off at the local shelter and now he is with us! He is already neutered.
We are told he likes dogs but from what we can tell he may be happier as the only dog in the home. We do not know how he feels about cats or young children. He is a big lap dog and loves to go for walks and play with his squeaky toys.

10/30/18: Munson is doing great in his foster home with his foster brother. He is happy, healthy and looking for his forever family!

11/16/18: Munson has been adopted. Congrats Munson and Jim!

7/9/19: Munson is back with us looking for the perfect home. He needs a quiet home with not too many visitors or people passing by. He is a very sweet lovable dog but he prefers the quiet life and having some time to get to know new people in his home. He seems to do great meeting new people at the vet clinic and out and about.

9/15/19: Munson is at the emergency clinic today because he has no use of his back left leg. He had not done anything out of the ordinary, he just can’t to use it all of a sudden. We are thinking this is a neurological issue so he will have a consult with the neurologist in the morning.

9/16/19: Munson seems to be doing a little better on steroids. He will go home with medication and at home therapy.

9/30/19: Munson is continuing to improve and is using his back leg but things are not back to normal. We will continue medication and at home therapy. We have an appointment set with the veterinary rehabilitation specialist to be evaluated for additional therapy options.

10/24/19: Munson saw the vet at the rehab facility today for a consultation. We believe he may have had a stroke which lead to him not being able to use his left leg for a few days. Medication and at home therapy has gotten him much better since this happened but he is not at 100% just yet. He may never be back to 100% but we are going to try some therapy and see! We have therapy appointments set for him over the next month at Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation in Marietta.

Special thanks to Dogma Dog Care, which has boarded Munson during this period. But he would love a dog, kid free and steps free foster home in the Atlanta area. One that can help him with his at home physical therapy. He is very playful and would love a home where he can run and play. He will be restricted from jumping on and off furniture and running up and down steps.

12/18/19: Munson has been doing therapy once a week for the past two months at Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation. He alternated between land therapy and water treadmill therapy. He has also been doing at home therapy twice a day. He is also been weaned off his steroids. He had one visit with the vet after one month of therapy and another visit one month later. We are happy to say he has been cleared for adoption and no longer needs to go to therapy! He will need to continue his daily at home therapy for life to help keep me strong.

7/25/20:  Munson has been adopted.  Congrats Munson and Terry!

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 61
likes dogs: he prefers to be the only dog in the home
likes cats: no
likes children: no
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: joint supplements, fish oil supplements

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