Miss Kay Kay – June 26th, 2019

8/30/16:  Please welcome Miss Kay Kay!  She spent the last six years of her life pushing out puppies for a breeder.  Once she was no longer able to have any more puppies the breeder gave her away.  That person gave her to the next person.  The next person gave her to a small rescue in north Georgia.  That rescue called us to help her.  She is not walking but we do not know yet if it is orthopedic or neurological. We will get to the bottom of it very soon and get her the help she needs!  We do know she will need to spayed and she has dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for the remainder of her life.

 8/30/16 midday update: Kay Kay had some blood work done and it looks good. We will be doing x-rays today. The vet she saw a few days ago started her on pred and they said they saw some good results so we will continue using it for a few more days to see if she responds to it.
8/30/16 evening update: X rays show severe hip dysplasia and severe arthritis. We switched her medications and will see how she responds over the next few days. She is safe and happy and getting a lot of love from Dr Ross and her staff!  She has a consultation with the orthopedic specialist next Wednesday.

She is six years old.  We do know at this time if she likes dogs, cats or young children.  She is a little scared but she is getting lots of love right now.

Update 9/7/16:  Dr. Cross, the orthopedic specialist, saw Miss Kay Kay today. He confirmed hip dysplasia, mild patellar luxations in both knees and elbow arthritis. But there’s something bigger going on as well, he thinks it is most likely a disc in her neck. She will see the neurologist tomorrow for an MRI.

Update 9/8/16:  Miss Kay Kay had surgery today.  She had a hemilaminectomy which is a type of spine surgery which removes part of a vertebra.  We are hopeful she will be walking on her own in no time.  She will spend a few days in ICU.

Update 9/9/16:  Miss Kay Kay had a good night and is feeling a little stronger this morning.

Update 9/10/16:  Miss Kay Kay is feeling even better today and was able to stand on her own and took a few steps.

Update 9/11/16:  Miss Kay Kay was released from ICU and walked out of the clinic on her own today!  We are so excited for her and look forward to the day she can run and play with the other bullies.

Update 9/21/16:  Miss Kay Kay had her check up with the neurologist today and she is doing great.  She is walking like she has someplace important to go!  She will be on restriction (no running, jumping or playing) for the next four weeks while she recovers.  After that she will be spayed then she will be ready for adoption.

Update 10/24/16:  Miss Kay Kay was spayed today and had her teeth cleaned.  All went well and she is now ready for adoption!

Update 4/1/17:  Miss Kay Kay packed her bags and moved to TN.  Congrats Miss Kay Kay and Tonya!

approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes children: yes
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: tacrolimus prescription eye drops for dry eye, joint supplements, carprofin for arthritis
June 26, 2019:  Miss Kay Kay, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  

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