Maxx – June 30th, 2018

4/29/13: Please welcome Maxx!  He is a four year old owner surrender.  Maxx has a laundry list of bullie issues!  Including but limited too; allergies, eye issues (he may need entropian surgery), yeasty ears, bad knees and hips, and a cranky attitude at times.  We are chalking up the cranky attitude to him not feeling his best but we will know more after we tend to his medical needs.  He is getting checked out by Dr Rush and will be moved to a foster home after he gets a full exam and annual vaccinations.  We have started him on grain free food and will do allergy testing.

Maxx is not a fan of other dogs.  He has not been exposed to cats.  He has grown up with a child but at this time we will not place him in a home with children.

Update 5/14/13: Maxx was moved from the vet to his foster home.  He had upper and lower lid entropian surgery on both eyes on 5/6.  He has severe dry eye that has been untreated for some time along with an eye infection.  Both are causing his vision to be impaired.  We began using tacrolimus for the dry eye and we have him on other eye drops for the time being to clear up the infection.  We hope after some time his vision will start to get better.  His eye lids are a bit swollen from surgery but that will go down over time.  He will go back to see Dr Rush in a week to have his stitches removed.  We have transitioned him onto Taste of the Wild and are starting to see good results.  We will give it at least two months on this food before we decided weather or not we will need to do allergy testing.

Maxx will be adopted by his foster parents!

Update 10/13/13: Maxx’s foster parents signed the paperwork and it is official. Congrats Maxx, Kimberly and Sterling!

6/30/18:  Maxx crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Maxx



P Kasparek & L Kanikova