Maxamillion – November 17th, 2021

9/21/14:  Please welcome Maxamillion!  Max was purchased as a puppy but when he owner did not want him any longer and his breeder would not take him back he found himself in the hands of rescue.  With the help of Florida English Bulldog Rescue he made his way from Tampa, FL to Atlanta, GA yesterday.  Thank you Jennifer, Charlene, and Maureen for getting him to safety!

As of right now we know he has some skin issues, needs vaccinations and may need a tail amputation.  He is with Dr Rush now and will be evaluated and have surgery later this week if needed.

He is two years old.  We are told he grew up with kids (although we do not know the age of the kids) and he is fine with other dogs.  We do not know if he likes cats.

We will update as we learn more about him.

Update 9/26/14:  Maxamillion had surgery today.  Dr Rush amputated his tail and shortened his palate.  He will spend a few days at the vet then he will move into his foster home.  He will need his tail amputation stitches out in two weeks then he should be ready for adoption.

Update 10/6/14:  Maxamillion was released from the vet and moved into his foster home on Saturday.  He is hanging out with a female Boxer and two little toddlers.

He’s not very interested in the kids and he seems to get nervous if they crowd him but he hasn’t been ugly to them.  We think a house a older kids would be better for him.

He and Munsey fussed over toys and he marked some places in the house over the weekend.  But he slept in his crate overnight with no problem.  He loves Nyla bones!

He’s interested in the cats but he hasn’t chased them.

He’s not a big fan of steps; they seem tough for him. Not sure if it’s because of his short little legs or if it’s his knee(s).  Dr Rush’s noticed he has luxating patellas.  So he will be seeing Dr Cross soon for an ortho consult.

Update 10/16/14:  Maxamillion had his consult with Dr Cross yesterday and he does not recommend knee surgery.  He does have some mild luxating in his right knee but it does not seem to bother him and he is not lame.

His foster mom says he is no longer avoiding the steps in her house.  Perhaps they were just new to him.

He loves to go for car rides and he loves toys that he can chew on.  But he also thinks anything on the floor is his toy!  There have been a few catch-me-if-you-can games once he gets a hold of the kids toys.

Update 10/26/14:  Maxamillion picked out his forever family!  Congrats Maxamillion and Walton family!

November 17, 2021 – Maxamillion crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Maxamillion

approximate age: 2 1/2

approximate weight: 45 pounds

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: he does not seem to mind them

likes children: yes but gets nervous around toddlers so he would do better in a home with older children

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: none

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