Mattie Mae

11/18/15:  Please welcome Mattie Mae! She is the newest “diaper dog” to join GEBR.  Someone left her behind a vet clinic in East Atlanta last month. Someone found her pulling herself across the road about to get hit by a truck. They brought her into the clinic. The clinic called us to see if we would take her into rescue.  She has no use of her back legs because she has spina bifida. She can pull herself around and as she gets older and stronger she may be able to run and play on her own and she will get a wheelchair. She leaks urine and she has no control of her bowel movements.  She has worms and a prolapsed anus.  She is about 8 weeks old and weighs 6 pounds.

Update 11/25/15:  Mattie Mae is feeling much better now that her worms are gone and her anus is no longer prolapsed.  She has been eating a raw diet for the past week, this will help control the amount and consistency of her bowel movements.  Other than having spina bifida Dr Ross says she is a happy healthy puppy. We started her on her puppy shots this week as well.

Update 4/25/16:  Mattie Mae has been spayed and is ready for adoption.

Update 1/15/17:  Mattie Mae is doing great in her foster home but she would love a family to call her own!

Update 7/28/18: Mattie Mae and her foster sister got into a fight and her eye was punctured. Unfortunately we had to remove her eye. Surgery went well and she is recovering nicely.

Update 6/13/19: Mattie Mae is doing great in her foster home but she still waiting to find her forever family!

Update 3/1/20:  Mattie Mae was having some digestive issues and dropped a few pounds but she is feeling better and eating everything we give her!  She is still on raw diet and loving it.  She is need of foster home in the Atlanta area that can handle a few diaper changes throughout the day or better yet she would really like to find her forever family!

She needs to wear diapers and have them changed 4-5 times a day.  She wears a baby size 5 diaper with a size small G Diaper cover to keep the disposable diapers in place. Being on a raw diet helps with the amount and consistency of her bowel movements.

approximate age:  4
approximate weight: 30
likes dogs: yes, but she does not like to share her things
likes cats: n/a
likes children: yes, she has always been around children
food: raw diet – Blue Ridge Beef 
life long medications: none


T Helms & J Iannini – In memory of Max

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