Mariposa – June 2nd, 2019

Mariposa is a 3 year old spayed female, owner surrender.
I received a heart-wrenching e-mail this afternoon from Mariposa”s owner.  They lost their home last week and had to quickly relocate with family members.   Unfortunately, the family was welcome but Mariposa was not.
She had been living in their backyard since Thursday.  The owner was doing the best she could for her but she feared Mariposa would die in the heat.  Within a half hour, Lauriel and Craig had Mariposa in their custody and their air conditioned car.
She is now relaxing and cooling down at Lauriel’s and will be evaluated at our vets in the morning.  We do know that she is overdue on shots and hasn’t gotten heartworm for three months.   We suspect there to be some orthopedic issues as well.  Welcome sweet girl, no more hot backyards for you!!!

Update 6/28/2011:  After a few days in rescue to relax, it became obvious to us that Mariposa had serious palate issues.  So much so that her play time had to be severely limited.  Something that Mariposa didn’t enjoy all that much.  “Posey” had palate surgery with Dr. Rush on Friday, June 24th.  She tolerated the surgery well and is back in her foster home recovering and breathing very well.  She’ll be back to her playful self in no time!

Update 7/27/2011:  Mariposa has been adopted by her foster family!  Congrats Mariposa, Caroline, Matt & Bentley!

June 2, 2019:  Mariposa passed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  



J and C Alexander


Big Papa and Family