Sarge – December 28th, 2021

7/7/13: Please welcome Major! He is a two year old boy on his way from SC to GA right now. His owner has become ill and can no longer care for him. He has spent the past week with Chelsea, an animal control officer in SC. Thank you for opening your home to him. He likes dogs and kids; we do not know if he has ever met a cat. We know that he has yeasty ears, double cherry eyes and needs to be neutered. He will be here later today and will be going to see Dr Rush tomorrow for a check up and surgery.

Thank you Joan, Harold and Darlene for getting him GEBR today.

Update 7/8/13: Major is very sweet and loving. He also likes to jump all over you! He still has a lot of “puppie” in him. He had a good first night in Atlanta and was dropped off at Dr Rush’s this morning for surgery. He is now out of surgery and doing fine. He was neutered, had booth cherry eyes corrected and had palate surgery. There is a possibility that he may have dry eye in his left eye but we can’t test until after her heals from cherry eye surgery. We will continue to treat his ear infection too. He will be adopted by his foster parents after he has recovered from surgery and is cleared for adoption.

Update 7/17/13: One of Majors cherry eyes popped out. He will go back to have it fixed soon then he will be adopted by his foster parents. 
Update 9/23/13: Major had cherry eye surgery again on Friday.  Fingers crossed this time did the trick!  He was adopted by his foster parents Susan and Amy this weekend!  Congrats to all!

December 28th, 2021 – Sarge, formally known as Major, crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest in Peace Sarge

D Taylor


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