Maggie Claire – June 15th, 2020

3/25/20: Please welcome Maggie Claire! Maggie Claire escaped the back yard and was found wondering around her neighborhood. It appears she lived outside, in the yard or in the crate on the porch. Luckily the person that found her spoke with the owner about her condition and convinced them to agree to turn her over to rescue. She really needs our help!
She has a severe skin infection and a snotty nose. She has been diagnosed with dry eye which we started treating with cyclosporine eye drops. She has hookworms, whip worms and is heartworm positive. She has a double ear infection; one ear has lot of discharge and a nasty smell. The ear canal is almost completely closed, she will likely need Total Ear Canal Ablation surgery. First, she needs to be spayed, have her teeth cleaned, have a few teeth extracted, and have two mammary masses removed. We will biopsy both masses.

Once she recovers from her first surgery, she will be evaluated for TECA surgery, then after recovery from that surgery she will begin heartworm treatment. She has a long road ahead of her, but we know she will do great with our care and love. Despite all she is been through and how crappy she feels she is very sweet and always wagging her little tail!

4/3/20: Maggie Claire had her surgery today; it went well but she had a lot done. She was spayed, had a fatty mass and a hard mass removed, had many decaying teeth extracted and had her remaining teeth cleaned. She also has an oral fistula on her mount from lack of dental care that was causing drainage from her sinus cavity. We were able to repair it with a flap of healthy tissue, hopefully this will hold so that she no longer has any issues. She is eating soft food and not allowed to chew on anything hard for the time being. We also cultured the discharge from her ear and are treating with the appropriate medications. Ideally we can get her ear infection and any pain from this under control so that we can avoid TECA surgery altogether.

5/14/20:  Maggie Claire has not been gaining any weight and having some digestive issues so she had an ultrasound today.  We ruled out parasite issues and are treating her for irritable bowel syndrome with medication, probiotics and a prescription diet.  We are still battling an ear infection and a bladder infection.  Overall she seems to be feeling ok, but not great just yet.

June 15, 2020: Maggie Claire crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She had so many things going against her and we tried so hard to fix her up and give her more time but unfortunately she had no fight left in her.
Rest In Peace Maggie Claire 

approximate age: 8
approximate weight: 40
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes
food: Royal Canine Hydrolyzed Protein prescription food
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye

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