Maddie June

6/24/23 – Please welcome Maddie June! Her owner dropped her off at the shelter the other day because they were moving and not going to take her with them. They said they only had her about 9 months but didn’t say anything about her life before they had her.

6/30/23 – Maddie June had surgery today and all went well! She was spayed, had one mass removed from her leg, two masses removed from inside her mouth, four teeth extracted, the rest of her teeth cleaned. She has a skin infection and has been diagnosed with dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for life.

9/4/23 – Maddie June has been adopted.  Congrats Maddie June and Alvarez family!

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 72
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes kids: we have not seen her around kids but the previous owner told the shelter that she was good with them
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye
likes: we are still getting to know her
dislikes: we are still getting to know her
ideal home: we are still getting to know her

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