Logan – May 20th, 2014

Logan is a 3 year old English Bulldog, surrendered to animal control, because the owners “traveled too much” to care for him any longer. Judging by his appearance, they must have been traveling a bunch! The reality of the situation is that probably Logan became inconvenient and what better way to deal with an inconvenience than to dump him at a shelter where he would surely be adopted, right? They certainly taught their children a fantastic lesson…to dump mom and dad in a nursing home, when they become inconvenient. I hope they never find him on our website and are riddled with guilt about what they did. The owner had the nerve to shed tears as she turned her back on him and walked out the door.
What they will never know is that Logan hit the jackpot!!!!
Logan was brought up to date on shots and neutered but is still suffering from dry eye and a respiratory infection. He’s being taken care of at our vet’s. At this very moment, he has a full stomach, his eyes have been cleaned and treatment started.  Welcome to the good life Logan!

Update 11/10/11: Logan went to his foster home. He and his foster brother Hampton hit it off instantly! His ear infection is about cleared up and the x-rays of his hip did not show anything that we need to be concerned about. He needs to gain a few pounds but other than that he is happy, healthy and ready for adoption!

Update 12/25/11: Logan has been adopted by his foster family!




After living in a backyard for the first 8 years of his life, Logan was unceremoniously dumped at the shelter with the excuse that his owners didn’t have time to take care of him anymore.  Fortunately for Logan, our friend Cindy Ganues knew that GEBR would come to his rescue…and we did!  Logan spent his short time ( a couple of hours) at the shelter under the watchful eye of Cindy, in her office.
Logan had a short stint at Riverside Animal Hospital before he again became the luckiest bulldog on earth…He got to live with Hampton Cambria, Hampton’s mommy Kim and sister McKenzie. First as a foster, then Logan hit the lottery….. Hampton wanted Logan to live with them FUREVER!!!!!!  And then he became the lovable boy the bullie nation fondly called WOGIE.  NOTHING would stop Kim from making Wogie’s life heaven on earth.  If that meant that Logan could only eat home cooked rabbit…Kim was off and YES, she cooked that rabbit herself!
Wogie and Hampton even got to announce to The Bullie Nation that Kim had a “bun in the oven” to the great joy of all who know and love this family.  And then along came Hawwison…a great addition to this little family BECAUSE Wogie absolutely adores children.
Logan had been sick for the last several months but Kim would never give up the fight and Logan rallied.  As a result of her tenacity and Logan’s will, Logan had another wonderful 6 months with the family he loved.
Logan lost his battle this afternoon in the loving arms of his Momma.


R Kamm


H Matos