Little Diesel

6/13/19: Please welcome Little Diesel! His owner was no longer able to care for him, so she asked us to find him a new family. He has horrible skin issues from allergies, yeast and bacterial infections. We are also treating an ear infection, and he needs to have his teeth cleaned. He seems to suffer from some anxiety issues that we are working through. He does not seem to care for the excitement that children bring to the home, therefore he will not be placed in a home with young children.

6/17/19: Little Diesel had his dental surgery today and all went well!

7/9/19: Little Diesel had his check up today. He is looking much better, but he does still have active infections. We will treat with oral medication, topical mouse and bi-weekly baths and recheck again in two weeks. His anxiety is also getting better, but he is a little unsure of new people. We will continue to work with him!

8/8/19: Little Diesel is at the ER with a breathing tube. He has unexplained swelling in his throat and can not breath on his own. Hoping for a good update in a few hours. I would like to thank Dr Rush for riding to the ER with Little Diesel and I (and an oxygen tank) earlier today.

10pm Update: The ER vet just did an oral exam and swelling is much better (not completely gone yet) but she can see down his throat. They are going to take him off general anesthesia and pull the breathing tube and put him in the oxygen tank and watch. Fingers crossed!

11:30pm Update: He did ok for a short time in oxygen without the breathing tube but became labored fairly quickly. They sedated him to check the throat and it is swollen again. He is about to get a temporary tracheostomy tube. Once it is in place they will wake him up and put him back in oxygen. This will hopefully allow the swelling in his throat to heal while he breathes though this new tube.

9:20am Wednesday update: The ER vet said he is doing well with the temporary tracheostomy tube. He has been out of oxygen since 4am. There is some mucous discharge and they are keeping him lightly sedated on pain meds so he is comfortable. The surgeon will sedate and do an oral this afternoon.

4pm Wednesday update: I just spoke with the surgeon and unfortunately the oral exam showed no improvement; severe swelling, no movement, complete airway restriction. He is tolerating the temporary tracheostomy tube. They are suctioning the mucous about every two hours. He has some nasal discharge. The plan for now will be to keep him on the high dose is steroids and recheck the oral exam in 24 hours. There is still no explanation to the cause of the swelling.

8am Thursday update: Unfortunately he is now showing signs on pneumonia. We are treating it and he will have another oral exam this afternoon.

3pm Thursday update: The swelling in his throat went down a tiny bit so we are going to leave the temporary tracheostomy tube in and do another oral exam in 24 hours.

2pm Friday update: Today’s oral exam showed that the swelling is almost gone. He has been breathing without the temporary tracheostomy tube for the past hour. He will remain at the ER for the time being

8/10/19:  Little Diesel’s tube was removed and he was able to go home today.  We will keep him on some sedative medications for the time being and keep a close eye on him.

10/10/19:  Little Diesel is has been doing great since his visit to the ER in August.  We think it is safe to say he had an allergic reaction to a bite which caused the swelling in his throat.  He has not had any other breathing issues.

His attitude towards people is also improving.  He has gained some confidence and is willing to be pet and loved on.  He is still a little weary of meeting new people but warms up fairly quickly.

He enjoys playing with other dogs but is not allowed on the furniture with other dogs as he will start a fight.  He will also start a fight if he is getting attention and that dog gets too close.

1/3/20:  Little Diesel has been adopted.  Congrats Little Diesel and Black family!

approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 20
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: no
likes kids: no
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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