1/29/15:  Please welcome Joon!  Joon was a stray found in Fulton county.  She was very happy to be sprung yesterday and is now resting at Dr. Ross’ for a couple of weeks.  She is heart worm positive and very thin.  Poor girl, it looks like she was a breeding machine.   Good news is her eye doesn’t look as bad as we thought it would and we think she can see.  She is a true lover girl!

She will be spayed soon then she will begin her heartworm treatment.  She will be available for adoption once her treatment is complete.

She is around five year old.  We do not know if she likes dog, cats or children.

Update 3/26/15:  Joon finished her heartworm treatment and moved into her foster home.  She is living with GEBR alum Jager and two little boys.  So far her foster family says everything is going great and that she is extremely sweet!

She will be interviewing a family this weekend and if all goes well she will be moving to SC!

Update 3/31/15:  Joon packed her bags and moved to SC.  She is still in 100% sure about her new fur sister but they are taking things slow.  Congrats Joon and Maxwell family!




S Givelber






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