8/11/16:  Please welcome JoJo!  We do not know why but his owners surrendered him to the Atlanta Humane Society.  They called us and asked us to take him into rescue.  He is very skinny and heartworm positive.  The Atlanta Humane Society neutered him and began his heartworm treatment before he was transferred to us.  He will spend the next few weeks at the vet clinic while finishing his heartworm treatment.   His back legs are weak but at this time we do not know if it is because he is so skinny or if there is more going on.  If needed he will see the orthopedic specialist for an evaluation.  He has been living outside.  He was diagnosed with dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for life.

He is five years old.  We are told he did not live with any other dogs or cats but he he did live with children.

Update 9/15/16:  Jo Jo completed his heartworm treatment and has moved into his foster home.  He is still skinny and weak in the back end but we are working on getting him healthy and strong.  We started joint supplements but if they do not do the trick alone we will add additional medications and/or have a consultation with the orthopedic specialist.

Update 11/7/16:  JoJo saw Dr Cross the orthopedic specialist last week because of his weak back legs.  He decided surgery was needed and so he had is first of two knee surgeries today.  All went well!

Update 11/8/16: JoJo had knee surgery today and all went well. He will be adopted by his foster mom when he is healed and cleared for adoption

Update 12/31/16: JoJo has been adopted by his foster mom.  Congrats JoJo and Cathy!



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