2/3/15:  Please welcome Jack!  Jack was loved and well cared for by his family.  Jack was experiencing severe environmental allergies to the farm they lived on. Jack would be isolated and not socialized for long periods of time due to his severe skin infections from his allergies that would turn into staph infections. His family with assistance of his veterinarian made the decision it was best for Jack to be rehomed, they reached out to GEBR for assistance.

Jack was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital today. He is current on vaccines and tested heartworm negative. Jack does have a slight skin infection in his rear tail area, along between his toes all related to yeast. Jack has dry eye in his left eye in which will require daily care. He also has been scheduled for surgery this Thursday for entropion surgery of both his upper and lower right eye lids, and his lower left eye lid along with tucking a cherry in his left eye. Jack will also undergo palate surgery Thursday.

Jack is three years old.

Update 2/5/2015: Today Jack had several surgical procedures done at Martinez Animal Hospital.  Jack had Entropian surgery to both eyes,  cherry tucked in his right eye,  and extensive palate surgery.  Jack was sent home with antibiotics & pain medication and currently recovering in his foster home.

Update 2/3/15: Jack was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital for a follow up on his eye surgery. They stated he needed a few more days of healing before staples could be removed. His eyes are healing nicely and the medication to treat the dry eye has helped clear up all the irritation to his eyes. Jack skin is looking great.

Jack has made huge improvements his socialization. He no longer bark at the vets office and he waits his turn patiently. Jack use to have fear of doors and would run 100mph through a door he will now sit next to a door and wait for it to open and gradually walk through the door. Jack has been socialized around children from as young as age 3 to 17 years of age and he has had great manners. Jack is great around children. Jack also has a curiosity about cats but not aggressive he just wants to sniff. When told to stop he will stop. Jack is also socialized and has shown no dog aggression toward any male or female bulldogs. We have learned that Jack DOES NOT LIKE LARGE DOGS AND VERY AGGRESSIVE TOWARD LARGE DOGS.  Jack does have some socialization issues with new noises and situations which scare him and he is ready to run and bark. This is due to the lack of socialization with his previous family. But has made huge improvements and not as anxious when placed in new environments or new noises. Socializing Jack to LIVING FREELY will take time, for he didn’t have the proper socialization for the 1st 3 years of his life.

Update 2/19/15: Jack went to the vet and had his sutures removed from his entropion eye surgery. Jack eyes are looking great and he has fully recovered from both his entropion surgery and palate surgery.

Update 3/16/15: Jack is doing great in his foster home. Jack has made alot of huge improvements socially. He will not walk through a door normally and no longer scare of doors. He is less startled by new noises, cars, and things around him living environment. Jack loves playing with children, curious about cats, and great with female and male bulldogs. Jack DOES NOT like large dogs but is tolerating the Masttiff puppy that is now beginning to be taller then he is. Jack is a BIG lover, and just desires back scratches and being at his humans feet  or side.

Update 3/29/15:  Jack packed his bags and moved to TN.  Congrats Jack, Adrienne and Michael!




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