Honey – Rainbow Bridge

We took Honey in surrender 2 weeks ago.  After examination by our vet, she was diagnosed with a probable vaginal prolapse.  Prolapse is a condition where the vagina inverts on itself. So, it’s actually turned inside out and protruding outside her body. A normal prolapse, after spay, would actually shrink in size after female hormones decreased in the body. In Honey’s case, she did get some decrease in size over 18 months, but it didn’t resolve completely.  She has been examined by our vet and attempts at reducing the prolapse were not successful.  Now, the prolapse is larger and more inflamed.  We have an appointment with a specialist vet clinic on Friday and anticipate the vet bills may exceed $2000.00, just for this surgery.  Please help us, as this is a major hit to our bank account, so we get this little girl comfortable.  You can donate through our donate button below; just stipulate Money for Honey. THANK YOU!!!

Update 12/22/10: She’s just over her forced rest after surgery, but it will have to continue for another 2 weeks.  Her female area will never look completely normal but does have major improvement.  She also doesn’t seem to be as reactive with other dogs since the surgery.  maybe having that big old thing hanging out her back end made her a bit testy?

Update 01/24/11: Can we say completely new dog.  Ever since the vagina tumor was removed(not cancerous) Honey has gotten in touch with her inner child.  She’s a happy girl and even getting along with her foster sister (well, most of the time) but sister fight…right?  She must have been terribly uncomfortable walking around for years with that growth between her legs…poor dear.

Update 4/11/11: Honey is no longer on medical hold and is ready for adoption! Only homes with no other dogs will be considered. She is not dog aggressive but will she will be much happier and have less anxiety being an only child. She is healthy and is doing very well with her obedience training. She is 7 years old now and has a pretty crappy life up until last November and now she deserves a home where she can be the center of attention. If you have no other dogs in your home and you are interested in adopting Honey please send in your adoption application today.

Update 6/28/11: Honey has been adopted!

Update 8/29/11: Honey is back! The woman that adopted her in August had to surrender her back to the rescue because she had to leave town to care for a sick relative. Honey is looking for a new home! She is a sweet, cute, lovable older lady. She does not want to be in a home with other dogs. People only please! She loves adults and kids of all ages! If you are a dog free home and are looking to add a bundle of joy to your life please submit your adoption application today!

Update 12/13/11:  Honey has been adopted and this time it is forever!  Congrats Honey, Anne & Huey!


R Cartledge