12/18/17:  Please welcome Holly!  She joins us from Atlanta Humane Society.  One late evening a week ago (during the “snow storm”) she was found wandering by someone and they let her sleep in the shed that night.  Sometime during the evening she went into labor. By the morning she was still in labor but unable to deliver.  They took her to Gwinnett County, but they had a delayed opening because of the weather. Then they brought her to an emergency shelter who then pointed to the Atlanta Humane Society. Their vet was called in and did an emergency c section. The babies didn’t survive. They contacted Forsyth County, since that is where she was found, and they kept her for the mandatory stray hold.  When no one came looking for her she was able to join our rescue. She was spayed during the c section and is now vaccinated.  She will need cherry eye surgery once she recovers from her c section surgery.

She is four years old.  She has met a dog and a six year old child so far and seems to enjoy them.  We do not know how she feels about cats.

Update 12/28/17:  Holly was spayed today and all went well.  She is moving into her foster home in a few days.

Update 1/14/18: Holly packed her bags and moved to FL. Congrats Holly and Jones family!

Update 9/25/18:  Please welcome Holly back to GEBR!  Her owner became ill so Holly is back with us looking for a new family.  She will have her teeth cleaned on Friday.  She is up to date on her vaccinations.  She does have alopecia and has gained a little too much weight.  We checked her thyroid just be sure there were no issues and there are not.  She just needs to drop a few pounds!

Update 10/30/18:  Holly is doing great in her foster home with her foster sister.  She is happy, healthy and looking for her forever family!

Update 11/20/18: Holly has been adopted. Congrats Holly and Page family!


approximate age: 5

approximate weight: 55

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children:  yes

food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream

Life Long Medication: none



Name The Bully Sponsor:

Susan Chandler


Bully Bag Sponsors:

Carol Robertelli

Craft Family