10/20/16:  Please welcome Gretchen!  She joins us from Clayton County Animal Control.  She was picked up as a stray and when no one came looking for her she came into our rescue.  She is pretty skinny and has a respiratory infection but she is safe and happy.  Thank you Darlene, Robert and Jackie for getting her to our vet safely today.  

She will be vaccinated and spayed when her respiratory infection clears up.  She will be ready for adoption when she recovers from her spay surgery.

She is three years old. At this time we do not know if she likes dogs, cats or young children.  

Update 11/10/16:  Gretchen was finally feeling well enough to move forward with her spay surgery.  She was spayed yesterday and moved into her foster home today.  She is living with a male bully and seems to enjoy his company. We are treating a UTI and she will need to see Dr Ross in two weeks to have her surgery staples removed but other than that she is doing great and ready for adoption.

Update 1/15/17:  Gretchen is very playful and has a lot of energy.  She would love a fenced yard to run around in and then a lap to lay in.  She is ok with other dogs but would prefer on she can play with and one that does not mind her stealing most of the attention.  On occasion she has been fearful and nippy when she first meets someone, but warms up to them within seconds.  She has met a cat and was very curious of him and wanted to chase him all around the house.  The only child she met was a ten year old boy and after her first initial meeting with him she was very friendly and playful with him.

Update 2/15/17:  Gretchen has been adopted!

approximate age: 3

approximate weight: 40

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: not so much

likes children: we have only seen her around a ten year old

food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: none





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