Gobbles – July 12th, 2023

11/30/18: Please welcome Gobbles! He joins us from Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter . He was picked up by animal control as a stray and when no one came looking for him he joined the rescue. He needs to be vaccinated, neutered, have scrotal ablation, have his teeth cleaned, have a few decaying teeth extracted, have his palate shortened, have a mass removed and have entropion surgery on his eyes. We will also do allergy and thyroid testing. We are also treating him for ear, eye and skin infections.

12/11/18: Gobbles has his first surgery today and all went well. He was neutered, had scrotal ablation, had his teeth cleaned and had a few decaying teeth extracted. We did x-rays and confirmed hip dysplasia. He will start joint supplements for now and all prescription medication down the road if needed. We are still treating his ear, eye and skin infections. We are waiting on his allergy and thyroid test results. He will have his next surgery in a few weeks.

1/22/19: Gobbles has his second surgery today and all went well. He had entropion surgery on both eyes, he had his palate shortened, he has his nostrils widened and he has a mass of scar tissue removed from his face.

6/5/19: Gobbles has a visit with Dr Griffies, the dermatologist, today. He has been battling numerous skin and ear infections. We started a treatment plan and once we get his active skin infection under control, he will see the specialist. He will need to have total ear canal ablation surgery on one of his ears.

7/11/19: Gobbles had a consult with Dr Winkler today. He is scheduled to have total ear canal ablation surgery next week. Like all surgeries there are risks and potential for complications, but it is needed, and it will give him much relief.

Of course, the surgery comes with a very large price tag, approximately $3,500. If you can spare some CASH for GOBBLES he would greatly appreciate it!

7/30/19:  Gobbles had his total ear canal ablation surgery today and all went well.  He does have a small amount of facial paralysis.  This is one of the possible side effects from this surgery.  Hopefully over some time this paralysis will correct itself.  He will see the surgeon in two weeks for his recheck and to have his stitches removed.

8/5/19:  Gobbles saw the dermatologist today for his three week follow up.  His skin infections are looking better with all of his daily medications and wipes.  Dr Griffies says he is on a good track and won’t need another recheck for another 3-4 months.

11/7/19:  Gobbles has been adopted by his foster family! Congrats Gobbles, Janet and Greg!

July 12, 2023 – Gobbles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. Rest In Peace Gobbles

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes
food: Tate Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: joint supplements

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