GiGi – January 12th, 2019

This is GiGi, our 20th rescue for the year! GiGi is a 2 1/2 year old female. One… of her owners had lost his job and decided it would be best to find her a new home. She is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on her shots. She likes dogs and kids but we are not sure how she feels about cats yet. She has a pretty deep tail pocket that requires daily cleaning with medicated wipes. She is currently taking meds for an infected anal gland.

Background: Georgia, Baby G and now Gigi was rescued from a less than perfect situation in South Atlanta, in December, 2010 and was suffering from multiple infections. After diligent care, she was brought back to the beautiful condition pictured above. If not for this horrible economy Gigi would still be in her home, but her owners selfishly did what was best for Gigi because they knew they would have difficulty affording future care. Mr. and Mrs. Williams, you did a fantastic job with Georgia. Thank you for trusting us with your precious baby.

Update 7/22/2011: Gigi is out of surgery and recovering. She had her palate done and plans were to amputate her tail…we were going to address the anal gland abscess at a later time. WELL….it seems Gigi had Beefy Butt(that’s a medical term now!). The abscess near her rectum was not an anal gland infection but an abscess tract running down from her very infected, deep and twisted tail. She will stay the night at Dr’ Rush’s office. Hoping this will solve Miss Gigi’s hiney problems.

Update 8\8\2011: GiGi is off of medical hold and ready for adoption!

GiGi would like to give a BIG, WET, SLOBBERY kiss to all of her Guardian Angels!  Thank you all!

Update 8/15/2011: GiGi has found her “Furever” home!

January 12, 2019:  GiGi crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace GiGi

GUARDIAN ANGELS: J and C Alexander, Big Papa and Family, M Lee, L and P Morrison, J and L Baillargeon