Gidget – May 1st, 2021

4/24/21 – Please welcome Gidget. Gidget showed up on someone’s porch recently and then spent a few days at Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter before joining GEBR. We can tell she had babies very recently because she is still producing milk. Sadly, as many of you know, this is not unusual for a lot of female English Bulldog strays. We need to wait a few weeks for her milk to dry up before she can be spayed. She’s also significantly underweight, heartworm positive, and is having issues walking. We are going to reach out to the neurologist for a consultation, so we determine what is causing her mobility issues

4/29/21 – Due to a sudden apparent lack of sensation in her back legs and buckling of her front legs, Gidget is at the specialist now awaiting an MRI.

5/1/21 – As Gidget was under anesthesia for her MRI, they discovered an inoperable brain tumor. Due to the amount of discomfort Gidget would likely experience as a result of the tumor, we decided not to wake her up from anesthesia.
Like many of the female dogs that join GEBR, Gidget was used for breeding and then dumped when she was no longer of use. At the time of her death, Gidget still had milk. That’s how recently she had puppies.

We hope that in her short time with GEBR, Gidget knew love. We hope she somehow understood that she was at the vet because we wanted to see her get better. We envisioned her all fixed up, living life as a couch potato with a family that loved her, where her only “job” would be to pick up scraps off the floor at dinner.

Despite our disappointment that we weren’t able to make that a reality for Gidget, we take solace in knowing she is now resting and at peace. Thank you for thinking of Gidget these past few days and thank you for donating to her care. We are thankful for the most amazing group of supporters that have made our hopes for Gidget a reality for hundreds of other dogs at GEBR.

Rest In Peace Gidget

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