Georgie – October 10th, 2017

4/4/17:  Please welcome Georgie!  Georgie’s family abandoned her but lucky for her she found her way to us!  She appears to had a skin infection and a very severe ear infection.  We believe she will need total ear ablation surgery in the near future.  She needs to be spayed, have her teeth cleaned and had her palate shortened.

She is seven years old. Georgie does not care for her foster brother or sister (both larger dogs).  We have not seen her around small dogs or cats.  She does enjoy children.  

Update 4/6/17:  Georgie had surgery today and all went well.  She had her palate shortened, her saccules removed, her teeth cleaned and one tooth extracted.  She was diagnosed with a UTI that we will start treating today along with treatment for a skin infection.  She has dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for life.  She will see the specialist in a few weeks to have her ears evaluated.    

Update 4/20/17:  Georgie had total ear ablation surgery today on both of her ears.  The surgery went well!  She will spend a few days in the ICU under observation and with drains in her ears.  She can still a little but considering how bad her ears have been for so long we suspect her has not been able to hear much of anything for some time.  

Update 5/3/17:  Georgie saw Dr Duval today to have her ear surgery stitches removed and have Dr Andrew for a check up on on her eyes.  All looks good and she has been cleared for adoption!  She has the cutest wiggle butt ever!  


October 10th – Georgie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  She had an aggressive inoperable tumor that came on very suddenly.  Rest In Peach Georgie.



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