Fred – July 17th, 2019

1/10/13:  Meet Fred, a young male stray rescued from a high kill shelter in North Georgia.  He underwent vet evaluation today and neuter this afternoon.  Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive and will need treatment as soon as he has recovered from neuter.  From all reports, he is a sweet little wiggle butt who loves attention and is starving for love.  He appears to be on the thin side so we’ll focus on fattening him up while he is at the vet waiting for heartworm treatment.  Since Fred will be coming from a shelter, he will have to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks, but during that time he will be preparing to start the treatment.  GEBR is unusual in that we keep our dogs, undergoing heartworm treatment, at the vet for the entire 21 day recovery period.  Extreme ,  but well worth ensuring that our dogs have the best possible chance for a good outcome after a procedure that can be riddled with complications.

He is now was neutered and up to date on his shots.  The vet in Dalton aged him at 18 months.  He weighs 51 pounds.  It appears that he likes children.

Update 1/17/13:  Fred started his heartworm treatment.  He will be finished and moved to his foster home on 2/7/13.

Update 2/9/13:  Fred finished his heartworm treatment and went to his foster home.  He is very excited to be done with his treatment!  He and his new foster sister Luna are still getting to know each other.  Fred is starved for attention and needs some help with his manners.  His foster parents are letting him adjust to the good life but also trying to give him some structure.  And some food…he needs to gave a few pounds!

Update 2/23/13:  Great news for Fred…he has been adopted!  He went for a meet and greet on Saturday afternoon and of course everyone fell in love with him.  Including his new big brother Bogart!  Congrats to Fred, Bogart, Lawson and Linda!

7/17/19:  Tator, previously known as Fred, crossed over the rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Tator


P Hochuli

M Patrick


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