Flex – Adoption Pending

4/20/23 – Please welcome Flex! Flex was turned over to us after his stray hold was up. Apparently, he was tied to a telephone pole with a diaper on covering an infection on his back end. He does have a microchip but neither of the phone numbers registered to it are valid. We were able to confirm his name Flex and his date of birth of 7/2/12. This poor old fella is safe with us now!

4/22/23 – Flex has thyroid issues, hookworms, and ear infection and a tail pocket infection. We will get him feeling better quickly.

5/12/23 – Flex has been regurgitating food and water. We did an ultrasound and confirmed he has a kidney infection and inflammatory bowel disease. We are switching him to prescription food and will treat with antibiotics and steroids.

6/20/23 – Flex had repeat bloodwork today and urinalysis today. His protein and kidney levels are normal. His thyroid issues are responding well to the medication. His urine looks good considering his age/old kidneys.

12/1/23 – We continue to monitor Flex’s regurgitation and IBD. He is doing well on a low dose of steroids and the prescription food so we will continue both long term.

3/1/24 – Flex has come down with pneumonia but is responding quickly to his medication.  His e-rays also showed he has some degree of megaesophagus. He will eat from a raised slow feeder bowl and need to be kept quite after eating, which isn’t an issue for this older fella! 

approximate age: 11 – DOB 7/2/12
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: he ignores the one in his foster home
likes kids: he does not live with any but has met a 2 and 4 year old a few times and is non reactive to them petting him
food: prescription Royal Canin GI food
lifelong medications: thyroid pills and steroids
likes: short walks, sunbathing, laying around with his people, treats and weekend trips and outings
dislikes: being startled when sleeping, cuddling – he generally only enjoys some petting on his terms
ideal home: he is an easy going but is a slow old guy that would do well in a calm home where other dogs and people respect his space

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