2/13/20: Please welcome Ezmeralda! Ezmeralda was found as a stray with another dog that unfortunately did not make it to safety. The person that found Ezmeralda contacted the local shelter to report her then she was able to keep her in her home for the mandatory stray hold of five days. She took her to a vet to start treatment on her skin infection. Her owners where not located so Ezmeralda was able to join the rescue. She needs to be vaccinated, spayed, and have a mammary mass removed. She has been diagnosed with dry eye and will be on prescription eye drops for life.

2/20/20: Ezmeralda had her surgery today and all went well. We will do a biopsy on the mammary mass to be sure it is nothing to worry about. She is not responding to the medication she came into rescue with for her skin infection, so we are doing a skin culture to see what our best medication options are moving forward. We are also doing a thyroid test, an environmental allergy test and a food allergy test. We will have the results of all four tests over the next few weeks. She will see the vet again in a few weeks to be sure her skin infection is all cleared up. She has a cleft lip, but it is not causing any medical issues therefore she does not need any surgery for this.

2/25/20: We got the biopsy results on the mammary tumor and we are in the clear! She does have an infection on her surgery incision so we will begin medication for this as well as for her skin infection. She will be treated for three weeks then see the vet again for a recheck.

3/28/20:  Ezmeralda has been adopted.  Congrats Ezmeralda, Scott and Elizabeth.

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 35
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: n/a
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye

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