Emmy – September 6th, 2019

4/26/13: Please welcome Emmy!  She is a three year old stray from Spalding County Animal Control.  She is doing her two weeks of mandatory isolation time at Riverside Animal Hospital now.  We are also treating her for skin, ear and eye infection.  Once her infections clear up she will be spayed and moved to her foster home.

We have not seen her around dogs, cats or children.  We will update as we know more about her.

Update 5/16/13:  Emmy was moved from the vet to her foster home.  She has not been spayed yet but will be going back to the vet next week for surgery.  She has dry eye in both eyes and will remain on tacrolimus for the rest of her life.


Update 5/24/13: Emmy has been spayed and is now ready for adoption.

Update 6/14/13: Emmy saw Dr King, the eye dr, today.  She added cyclosporine three times a day and a steroid ointment twice a day to her daily regime of tacrolimus once a day. She will stay on the steroid drops for two months and will stay on the other two drops forever but hopefully over time we can drop the dosage.

Update 7/8/13: Emmy had a follow up visit with Dr King. Her eyes are looking better but Dr King did add one more medicine to her daily routine.  She will be adopted next weekend!

Update 7/19/13:  Emmy have been adopted!  Congrats Emmy and Young family!

9/6/19: Emmy crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep her family in your thoughts.

                      Rest In Peace Emmy 


P Kasparek & L Kanikova



W & R Lee

J Davis


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