Emmy Lou

4/26/18:  Please welcome Emmy Lou!  She was picked up as a stray and when no one came looking for her she joined GEBR.  She has a UTI and a tail pocket infection.  She needs to be spayed, have her teeth cleaned, have her palate shortened and have her nostrils widened.

She is four years old.  At this time we do not know if she likes dogs, cats and young children. Once she is spayed she will move into her foster home; we will update when we update as we learn more about her.

Update 5/8/18:  Emmy Lou had her surgery today and all went well.  She will see the vet in two weeks for a follow up visit to have her tail pocket infection check.  She is living with two dogs and a teenage child and seems to enjoy them all.

Update 6/16/18: Emmy Lou packed her bags and moved to SC. Congrats Emmy Lou and Lyerly family!


approximate age: 4

approximate weight: 55

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: n/a

food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream

lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye



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