Doug – January 26th, 2020

3/21/12: Meet Doug!  He’s a young male stray from Madison County Animal Control, the same shelter that Petunia (GEBR alumni) came from.  Although he doesn’t look like Petunia, his medical condition is eerily similar (I think we may have a backyard breeder dumping dogs). 

Doug is thin with poor quality fur from bad nutrition.  He has infections in both ears; cherry eyes so large that he can barely see, that is if he can see through the eye boogers, too.  His front paws are splayed, just like Petunia’s, evidence of living in a crate (with no plastic bottom of course). He does seem to become quite anxious with his poor vision, particularly when he tries to look straight ahead or down.  After he settled down in the nice cool car, he was very sweet and curious of his surroundings. We were told he was still intact, but not really sure.  His baggage is a little small; possibly already neutered or has an undescended testicle.  He’s now with Dr. Ross, at Riverside Animal Hospital, in a clean air conditioned pen.  We’ll know more after his complete exam.

Update 3/26/12: Unfortunately Doug is heartworm positive.

He’s scheduled to have his eyes fixed and neuter (one testicle in the sack and another undescended in the groin) tomorrow.  After a week recovery, he’ll begin heartworm treatment.  After some TLC, he’s already beginning to look and feel much better.

Update 4/9/12: Doug had his cherry eye surgery and neuter.  He is recovering nicely.  He will begin heartworm treatment next week. 

Update 5/7/12: Doug began her heartworm treatment.  It will be three weeks of treatment and strict crate rest for him, then he will be moved to a foster home and ready for adoption.

Update 6/5/12: Doug is completing heartworm treatment this weekend and will get sprung to a foster home. This boy is a comedian!!! Although we were not holding out a lot of hope for his cherry eyes to stay away after surgery….it appears they have. Now all he needs is love.

Update 6/9/12: Doug has completed his heartworm treatment and went to his foster home.  He is ready for adoption. 

Update 6/14/12: Poor Doug, he’s only been in his foster home for one week, after an extended stay for infections, cherry eye surgery and heartworm treatment. He had to go back for evaluation of an enlarged lymph node in his neck. Dr. Ross was ready to take a biopsy (worried about lymphoma) but she walked around to his face, he has yuck coming out of his nose. Poor guy has a respiratory infection. He will stay at Riverside through the weekend on antibiotics and have the node re-evaluated on Monday. If it hasn’t improved any then he’ll have a biopsy done. Our main concern is that if he does have lymphoma, the high doses of prednisone he’s been on to treat the heartworm, masked his bigger problem…Cancer. Keeping our fingers crossed that the enlarged node is from the respiratory infection and not something more sinister.

Update 12/4/12: Doug had cherry eye surgery again and hernia repair last Thursday.  He will be adopted by his foster parents once he fully recovers from surgery. 

Update 3/16/13: Doug was adopted by his foster family on Saturday!  Angie and Daniel adopted Camille from GEBR last year and are very excited to officially add Doug to the family too.  Congrats Doug, Camille, Angie and Daniel!

January 26, 2020:  Doug crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Doug


A Brookins


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